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Your Friendly Experts

We know how much goes into working through brand design and the vision for your brand and we know what’s needed. From product lables, business cards,gift certificates , flyer & more.

Brand Identity

Setting You Up For Success

Order what you want and leave with what you need. Consult with us to create an identity that perfectly represents your brand and will attract your ideal customer. No more back tracking! You will receive all the file types necessary to fully market your brand. The logo sets the tone for your brand, ensuring it’s exactly what you want with Melanin Marketing.

Let's Go

Custom Printed Materials

We’re Like A Small Business Staples!

Everything you need is finally in one place. No more hassle searching for someone to complete one of your projects. From product labels, business cards, gift certificates & more, enjoy the luxury of developing a relationship with a Graphic Designer who knows your style from start to finish.

Website Design & Development

We Know Exactly What We are Doing

They don’t call us the Web Doctors for nothing. With over 10+ years of experience in web development, design, coding and SEO, we’re experts in giving our clients their ideal, digital personality and functionality through our web design. No more being a hostage to your business or sending individual invoices. We’ll create a website that works exactly the way you need it to, giving you back the one thing that most entrepreneurs want the most... time without financial sacrifice!

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Social Media Management

Too Busy To Post? We Got You

Not getting any engagement on your social media? Want to grow your following and appeal more to your demographic audience? Want your time back but afraid by not posting on social media, you’ll lose out on sales? Book a consultation today and let’s discuss how our team of professional experts can help you gain the engagement & growth you want on Social Media.

EBook & Book Development

It’s Time For Another Stream Of Revenue

A wise woman once said “Selling an Ebook is the gateway to financial freedom”. Well that wise woman was me. Investing in creating an Ebook is a fantastic way to gain an additional stream of income without doing barely any work at all! Create a beautiful ebook, you will be able to resell for years with Melanin Marketing

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